Hood Politician Da Mixtape Hosted By Dj J Watts


Hood Politician Da Mixtape

Hosted By Dj J Watts


Get Your Copy  http://bit.ly/18LXlS6


1) 2 chainz- U Da Realest

2) Gucci Mane Ft. Migos- Mama We Rich

3) Shabba Remix- A$AP Ferg ( Feat. Shabba Ranks, Busta Rhymes & Migos

4) FXCK What Happen Tonight- Freanch Montanna

5) B.U.D- Never End

6) Fake Gold- Young Scooter Ft. Plies

7) Young Thug- Danny Glover

8) Woop Ft. Yo Gotti & Kevin Gates – Pusy Nigga

9) FlavorBoyz- Smoke Dope Count Bands (S.D.C.B)

10) B.O.B ft. Future– Ready

11) Future- Day 1

12) Migos- Hanna Montana Twerk

13) Yo Gotti- Yayo

14) Que- Bobby Johnson

15) FlavorBoyz- My Team

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This Saturday Ugly Sweater Party

This Saturday Ugly Sweater Party Florence American Legion With DJ J Watts & TMMG DJs More info. http://bit.ly/A7UFnF


Rich Homie Quan Performing Live @Club Nirvana With Dj J Watts & TMMG Dj’s Florence, SC

photo (5)

Rich Homie Quan Performing Live Jan. 10 @Club Nirvana Florence, SC


PRESS Release For DJ J Watts New Mixtape Hood Politician

Hood Politician Promo

DJ JWatts

TMMG (The Movement Music Group) presents:

Hood Politician Da Mixtape is the

first mixtape that Dj J Watts has came out since this summer 2013

It comes out Christmas day

2014 with digital and physical copies that will be available exsulsively on www.jwattslive.com


New track DJ JWatts produced B. Grant “Blues Man”

check it out on: Google Play, Amazon, Itunes

Sneak peak of the mixtape

Recently appearing as a Celebrity Dj  for  Charlie Boy “Beef It Up” also

Young Scooter who is apart of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad

Check Out There New music now at www.jwattslive.com

Recently developed a new way of breaking music:

You can listen to it now on our website streaming sound from, our sponsors,



#TMMG would like to wish you all the best during the

Christmas Holidays

Hood Politician Promosoundcloud

Francis Marion University Welcomes DJ J Watts Back To School Of Music Industry

Francis Marion University
Francis Marion University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FLORENCE, SC- As the school year starts back up at Francis Marion University, DJ J Watts was welcome back with full-blown support in school of  Music Industry & Business. Francis Marion University recently build the state of the art Performing Art Center downtown Florence, South Carolina. The FMU Performing Arts Center will be the designated venue for concerts, theater productions, lectures and assemblies, enhancing FMU’s role as a cultural center and community gathering place. Also the Performing Arts Center provides a performance venues for the region. Featuring national, regional and local performing artists, the center hosts a myriad of performing arts including theater, music, and dance.

Dj J Watts states “I definitely glad to back Francis Marion University, since arrival in 2009 I can feel the difference in my business mind frame to the way I go about things in my personal life which means growth. My goal for this school year is to turn the heat up by learning the proper ways on doing things from behind the scene in the music industry this year as I prepare to my recording label on a national worldwide level. I definitely feel confident in this whole process because of the resources and experts that Francis Marion University has put in place to make this goal happen.”

“At the same time I working on bigger projects now also the releasing of a new mixtape coming in September 2012 call “Been There Done That 2k12 vol. 4”, that will be distributed all over the world in different markets. This mixtape will have a lot of major artists presents on this project, so make sure you visit www.jwattslive.com for all the exclusives. As for as the website www.jwattslive.com, make sure you visit the new picture gallery that we team up with www.instagram.com that allow the pictures we take on different shows and public appearances to be uploaded to show the world what going on LIVE in the moment. Last but not least The Movement Music Group has announce that it is shifting its focus to Charleston, South Carolina market. This is the biggest city in South Carolina so we looking forward to doing BIG BUSINESS in that market. More information on the upcoming artist that will be on the roster from this area will be announced soon.”


Charlotte, NC— As Charlotte prepares for the Democratic National Convention which will be held between September 3-6, 2012 at Carolina Panthers Stadium. Dj J Watts has partner up with his hometown friends from Florence, SC who now resides in Charlotte area to influence the young democrats, swing voters, and non-voter to come together and support the our President Barack Obama as he strives for a re-election in 2012.

JUSTNETWORKING.NET is a marketing organization founded by Jamarr Matthews & Latorrin Robinson. So far they have help small businesses in the Charlotte, NC market strive for success through their different marketing schemes. There promotional services has been in high demanded for years, on all level from helping young men from single parent homes to being motivational speaker to high school and community colleges in Charlotte Community and in the business markets for years. They have introduce the official T-shirts for Democratic National Convention that will be on different vendors stands and websites before the national convention.

By partnering up with DJ J Watts they hope to gain even more exposure as they influence the young voter that are not able to vote yet to the ones that will be able to vote this November. Their focus is to turn their recognition from there hard work that they put in their craft to molding their audience/fan base to exercise there right to vote.

Please support their organization by purchasing the Official Democratic National Convention  T-Shirt today http://jwattslive.com/wholesale.html

Dj J Watts Interview In Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, North Carolina— As the summer is getting close to the end, DJ J Watts is still hard at work. Coming from hot start and finishing with bumpy end, its obvious the love and ambition towards his craft is keeping him motivated to finish on top. As the last years at Francis Marion University is in sight, it is also critical as Music Industry and Business major to make the right transition from school to entertainment industry. Dj J Watts focus on the empire that he has dream of building. “I want to become a world icon DJ that symbolize so many things but at the same time the CEO/President of my independent major record label”. Dj J Watts audience/fans are all across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, UK, and Britain. So far-reaching out to a total number of 20,000 people.

“Hard work and dedication got me here, and the prayers to the all being. The strength to stay focus thru hard times and the drive to push. I always say to my self that god allow things to happen reason. I never at my lowest moments doubt him cause he brought me to far to just leave me at the lowest point. Even after the car accident I was facing critics left the right lose sponsors and money at the same time. I was dealing with critics about “Triple T University Welcome To the League 2k12 vol. 3” that comes out August 5th WORLDWIDE, a hip hop group I help bring to scene Spiff Kidz, and my vision. The a lot things and ideas of mine was being question and need answers immediately. One thing that I am proud to say that I didn’t run from any critics, I states fact for the reason of my decision. Of course everyone wasn’t on the same page, but for the reason that I am a proud business owner, the issue that needed to be address for the protection the brand. As time pass on from those situations, I am proud to say that bigger and better sponsors and investors has come aboard to in power my vision and make this dream of mine a reality. As forth as the mix tape series it getting better every month this month at it highest with worldwide digital distribution. Now that everything kind has settle back into place, my involvement in the community for the young generation is the next step. I want to stress education and how it is important and a must have in the world today. Details on that coming soon to www.jwattslive.com.”

Exclusive Interview With Dj J Watts About New Mixtape, Carolinas DJs and Music Industry

South Carolina— It’s definitely blazing in South Carolina, with all the events from bike week 2012 that has taken place in Myrtle Beach, SC. We got a chance to run into Dj J Watts down their networking and promoting his New Company “The Movement Music Group” and his website “www.jwattslive.com“. His company is responsible for a huge amount cd duplication that were distribute thru out this annual statewide bike festival. Distributing up to 5,000 CDs, Dj J Watts just didn’t stop there. He was at Kono Lounge in concert with the group “Spiff Kidz (Darlington, SC)” and made special guest appearance at The Afterdeck in N. Myrtle beach.

How do you feel out this annual event? “It is definitely a good look for the state from businesses gaining profits from sales, company exposing their brands to their target audience, and it was a safe but fun environment. This was my first official time at bike week here in Myrtle Beach, SC”

When ask what new projects were next to drop out of “The Movement Music Group”, he responded “It’s all about www.jwattslive.com 2k12 series starting this summer, But I just don’t want to just drop mixtapes this summer but I want to drop tapes with independent artist all across the world”.

What is your goal with this project? “My goal is to expose my brand across the nation, but at the same time this project focus on a lot issues dealing with the South Carolina and North Carolina Music Industry. When you look at the south-east region such as Georgia and Florida. Those two states are pushing to control the country with the product they push out to the country. Little do they know that South and North Carolina has the same high quality products. The Carolinas are responsible for J Cole, Petey Pablo, Lil Ru, Mobb Deep, and Jill Scott. I’m sure there many more names out there but that’s not the point I’m trying make. The point is that the talent is here in the Carolina we just need to educate our artist and our djs on making this connection last forever to the point where we pushing out instead of taking in.

So the big question, why do you think the Carolinas is not ready? Well I think they are ready but there is a lot politics in this game from artist that are really on their grind like Kenny Kane, Spiff Kidz, Bj Cash, Mista Taylor, Marley Mar and plenty more. It’s start with the artists and his or her campaign lately they have been heavy movement going all across the Carolinas.

So what about the djs? Well djs are caught up in their own world, they think they hot but I compare them to an ant on this planet call earth. That why we have educate our clients on what’s real and whats not. Sometime the truth is right there before our eyes and we can’t even tell if it’s real or fake. For example in South Carolina Dj B-lord is well-known from being a tour dj for Petey Pablo and being on BET some time and that’s it. But step a little lower you got djs out here that happy with being on a radio station that reaches out to 5,000 listeners but outside of the radio station nobody knows them in streets or in state. So if these guys are not pushing for more what u think they going do for project that they are on. We coming upon a new era most of these Dj are older and now settling for pay checks instead of breaking records. In order for history not to repeat itself, and so the Carolinas can come up we have to educate our youth. Which is our up and coming djs and artist about the past and future.

The Movement Music Group & Dj J Watts Announce Worldwide Booking

South Carolina— As Dj J Watts plans for expansion to his company “The Movement Music Group”, he also express the need for the company to expand across the United States of America. At the same time not just limiting their potential to just United Sates of America but also taken their brand across the world.

As of Wednesday, May 23rd of 2012 he has introduce a new tool to his company and his website “www.jwattslive.com” for potential client all over the world to book his services at their next event with one click of a button

DJ J Watts said ” I want my clients to have direct contact with me at all time, but at the same time I want a relationship that is upfront with them to the point, where if they can’t reach me at any time you will have all the tool that needed to complete your planning or promotion for your events available to you with a click of a button.” “I have found a lot of success so far with my company by offering todays tool to make my client’s business experience with “The Movement Music Group” quick, easy and worry free.”

So far since this new announcement there has been an extended offer for Dj J Watts to become one of DJ’s in college tour taken place in Africa, December 2-15 of 2012. This tour is looking toward having well-known artist like Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, and 2 Chainz. The closer December comes more information will be release to the public.

The Movement & Dj J Watts Announces New “Independent Music Distrubution”

South Carolina— The Movement Music Group and DJ J Watts have announced that The Movement Music Group is ready to take Breaking Records to another level to the point where The Movement Music Group will play a part as the Marketing and Promotion Agency for all small, independent, and major labels.

“This is a big step for us as we try to gain and attract more major labels to stop here first when it comes down to breaking there records and also come here first to find new new talent in different markets” said Dj J Watts, who is going to be the supivsor over this new branch. The direction of this up and coming hot independent Record Label out South Carolina is already known for it work. The first Label to break out Spiff Kidz (Darlington, SC), NSK (Harts-ville, SC), G-Check (Kingstree, SC), New Agez (Darlington, SC), Drippa & Majesty (Darlington,SC), and more just to name a few. The success rate of this music group has range from radio plays to signing to major labels.

Now MMG is now offers Record Pool, Dj Blast, Cd Duplication, Printed Fliers, Cd Inserts, Promotional Street Team, and more at a reasonable price. Check it out www.jwattslive.com under the “home” tab for all the packages that are being offered.

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