Francis Marion University Welcomes DJ J Watts Back To School Of Music Industry

Francis Marion University
Francis Marion University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FLORENCE, SC- As the school year starts back up at Francis Marion University, DJ J Watts was welcome back with full-blown support in school of  Music Industry & Business. Francis Marion University recently build the state of the art Performing Art Center downtown Florence, South Carolina. The FMU Performing Arts Center will be the designated venue for concerts, theater productions, lectures and assemblies, enhancing FMU’s role as a cultural center and community gathering place. Also the Performing Arts Center provides a performance venues for the region. Featuring national, regional and local performing artists, the center hosts a myriad of performing arts including theater, music, and dance.

Dj J Watts states “I definitely glad to back Francis Marion University, since arrival in 2009 I can feel the difference in my business mind frame to the way I go about things in my personal life which means growth. My goal for this school year is to turn the heat up by learning the proper ways on doing things from behind the scene in the music industry this year as I prepare to my recording label on a national worldwide level. I definitely feel confident in this whole process because of the resources and experts that Francis Marion University has put in place to make this goal happen.”

“At the same time I working on bigger projects now also the releasing of a new mixtape coming in September 2012 call “Been There Done That 2k12 vol. 4”, that will be distributed all over the world in different markets. This mixtape will have a lot of major artists presents on this project, so make sure you visit for all the exclusives. As for as the website, make sure you visit the new picture gallery that we team up with that allow the pictures we take on different shows and public appearances to be uploaded to show the world what going on LIVE in the moment. Last but not least The Movement Music Group has announce that it is shifting its focus to Charleston, South Carolina market. This is the biggest city in South Carolina so we looking forward to doing BIG BUSINESS in that market. More information on the upcoming artist that will be on the roster from this area will be announced soon.”

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