FMU’s Dance Marathon

FMU's Dance Marathon



For the second year Francis Marion University students organized a Dance Marathon to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network, and specifically patients at McLeod Children’s Hospital. The organizers set a goal of $3,000 for the eigh-hour event of of dancing.














One thought on “FMU’s Dance Marathon”

  1. Thinking back on this time when we put this thing together still leaves me speechless… I tear up inside because I remember everyone’s faces from that night and how much fun they had. So much went into that even and raising the money. Haha! $3,000 was alot of money for broke college students, but we managed to hit our goal. Dj JWatts was phenomenal on the music that night. The one thing I wished we did more of during that whole process was take more pictures, or vlog it somehow. I miss everyone from the team that year, and if we could ever linkup to just catch up I’d enjoy that. God is good.

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