Dj J Watts Interview In Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, North Carolina— As the summer is getting close to the end, DJ J Watts is still hard at work. Coming from hot start and finishing with bumpy end, its obvious the love and ambition towards his craft is keeping him motivated to finish on top. As the last years at Francis Marion University is in sight, it is also critical as Music Industry and Business major to make the right transition from school to entertainment industry. Dj J Watts focus on the empire that he has dream of building. “I want to become a world icon DJ that symbolize so many things but at the same time the CEO/President of my independent major record label”. Dj J Watts audience/fans are all across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, UK, and Britain. So far-reaching out to a total number of 20,000 people.

“Hard work and dedication got me here, and the prayers to the all being. The strength to stay focus thru hard times and the drive to push. I always say to my self that god allow things to happen reason. I never at my lowest moments doubt him cause he brought me to far to just leave me at the lowest point. Even after the car accident I was facing critics left the right lose sponsors and money at the same time. I was dealing with critics about “Triple T University Welcome To the League 2k12 vol. 3” that comes out August 5th WORLDWIDE, a hip hop group I help bring to scene Spiff Kidz, and my vision. The a lot things and ideas of mine was being question and need answers immediately. One thing that I am proud to say that I didn’t run from any critics, I states fact for the reason of my decision. Of course everyone wasn’t on the same page, but for the reason that I am a proud business owner, the issue that needed to be address for the protection the brand. As time pass on from those situations, I am proud to say that bigger and better sponsors and investors has come aboard to in power my vision and make this dream of mine a reality. As forth as the mix tape series it getting better every month this month at it highest with worldwide digital distribution. Now that everything kind has settle back into place, my involvement in the community for the young generation is the next step. I want to stress education and how it is important and a must have in the world today. Details on that coming soon to”

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