Exclusive Interview With Dj J Watts About New Mixtape, Carolinas DJs and Music Industry

South Carolina— It’s definitely blazing in South Carolina, with all the events from bike week 2012 that has taken place in Myrtle Beach, SC. We got a chance to run into Dj J Watts down their networking and promoting his New Company “The Movement Music Group” and his website “www.jwattslive.com“. His company is responsible for a huge amount cd duplication that were distribute thru out this annual statewide bike festival. Distributing up to 5,000 CDs, Dj J Watts just didn’t stop there. He was at Kono Lounge in concert with the group “Spiff Kidz (Darlington, SC)” and made special guest appearance at The Afterdeck in N. Myrtle beach.

How do you feel out this annual event? “It is definitely a good look for the state from businesses gaining profits from sales, company exposing their brands to their target audience, and it was a safe but fun environment. This was my first official time at bike week here in Myrtle Beach, SC”

When ask what new projects were next to drop out of “The Movement Music Group”, he responded “It’s all about www.jwattslive.com 2k12 series starting this summer, But I just don’t want to just drop mixtapes this summer but I want to drop tapes with independent artist all across the world”.

What is your goal with this project? “My goal is to expose my brand across the nation, but at the same time this project focus on a lot issues dealing with the South Carolina and North Carolina Music Industry. When you look at the south-east region such as Georgia and Florida. Those two states are pushing to control the country with the product they push out to the country. Little do they know that South and North Carolina has the same high quality products. The Carolinas are responsible for J Cole, Petey Pablo, Lil Ru, Mobb Deep, and Jill Scott. I’m sure there many more names out there but that’s not the point I’m trying make. The point is that the talent is here in the Carolina we just need to educate our artist and our djs on making this connection last forever to the point where we pushing out instead of taking in.

So the big question, why do you think the Carolinas is not ready? Well I think they are ready but there is a lot politics in this game from artist that are really on their grind like Kenny Kane, Spiff Kidz, Bj Cash, Mista Taylor, Marley Mar and plenty more. It’s start with the artists and his or her campaign lately they have been heavy movement going all across the Carolinas.

So what about the djs? Well djs are caught up in their own world, they think they hot but I compare them to an ant on this planet call earth. That why we have educate our clients on what’s real and whats not. Sometime the truth is right there before our eyes and we can’t even tell if it’s real or fake. For example in South Carolina Dj B-lord is well-known from being a tour dj for Petey Pablo and being on BET some time and that’s it. But step a little lower you got djs out here that happy with being on a radio station that reaches out to 5,000 listeners but outside of the radio station nobody knows them in streets or in state. So if these guys are not pushing for more what u think they going do for project that they are on. We coming upon a new era most of these Dj are older and now settling for pay checks instead of breaking records. In order for history not to repeat itself, and so the Carolinas can come up we have to educate our youth. Which is our up and coming djs and artist about the past and future.

Dj J Watts & Da Spiff Kidz From Darlington, South Carolina Finally Back Together

Darlington, SC— There has been rumors for the past couple months that the relationship between the Dj J Watts and Spiff Kidz were going down their own separate paths. Toward the end of the summer of 2011 Da Spiff Kidz sign a management deal to SMES Music Group. At the same time Dj J Watts Launch his new independent label The Movement Music Group.

Since, signing to SMES Music Group, Da Spiff Kidz has drop their new mixtape “Demanding Respect” hosted by Dj Blaze, with the hit single “Twerk That Thang”. There hit single is now playing all over the state of South Carolina and has received major recognition statewide.

Just recently The Movement Music Group has Drop a total of 7 projects in the last 5 months. All 7 projects were successful and also creating a great amount of buzz in the Pee Dee region. Besides the growing exposure, Dj J Watts has taken a different route on his position in the company serving as the CEO. He has open up doors for other artist in South Carolina such  as NSK, New Agez, G-Check, Majesty, and Drippa. Also organizing a record pool for all the djs in South Carolina and Cd distribution to allow different music artist exposure in different markets. These two new branches to The Movement Music Group has created a strong fan base in South Carolina, North Carolina, Geogia, and Florida.

While the Da Spiff Kidz and Dj J Watts been on there separate paths, they were both spot this whole weekend together. First, at Kono Lounge in Mrytle Beach SC for the South Carolina Hard Heads & Teal2Real First Annual College Spring Break Party March 14th. Second, March 16th, in Marion, South Carolina together they open up for Gorilla Zoe. Last but not least in Darlington, South Carolina together doing two show, March 17, 2012.

“I knew we were going to get back together, we just had to get everybody out our ears cause we are the NEW FACE of South Carolina” said Dj J Watts.

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