The Movement Music Group & Dj J Watts Announce Worldwide Booking

South Carolina— As Dj J Watts plans for expansion to his company “The Movement Music Group”, he also express the need for the company to expand across the United States of America. At the same time not just limiting their potential to just United Sates of America but also taken their brand across the world.

As of Wednesday, May 23rd of 2012 he has introduce a new tool to his company and his website “” for potential client all over the world to book his services at their next event with one click of a button

DJ J Watts said ” I want my clients to have direct contact with me at all time, but at the same time I want a relationship that is upfront with them to the point, where if they can’t reach me at any time you will have all the tool that needed to complete your planning or promotion for your events available to you with a click of a button.” “I have found a lot of success so far with my company by offering todays tool to make my client’s business experience with “The Movement Music Group” quick, easy and worry free.”

So far since this new announcement there has been an extended offer for Dj J Watts to become one of DJ’s in college tour taken place in Africa, December 2-15 of 2012. This tour is looking toward having well-known artist like Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, and 2 Chainz. The closer December comes more information will be release to the public.

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