Charlotte, NC— As Charlotte prepares for the Democratic National Convention which will be held between September 3-6, 2012 at Carolina Panthers Stadium. Dj J Watts has partner up with his hometown friends from Florence, SC who now resides in Charlotte area to influence the young democrats, swing voters, and non-voter to come together and support the our President Barack Obama as he strives for a re-election in 2012.

JUSTNETWORKING.NET is a marketing organization founded by Jamarr Matthews & Latorrin Robinson. So far they have help small businesses in the Charlotte, NC market strive for success through their different marketing schemes. There promotional services has been in high demanded for years, on all level from helping young men from single parent homes to being motivational speaker to high school and community colleges in Charlotte Community and in the business markets for years. They have introduce the official T-shirts for Democratic National Convention that will be on different vendors stands and websites before the national convention.

By partnering up with DJ J Watts they hope to gain even more exposure as they influence the young voter that are not able to vote yet to the ones that will be able to vote this November. Their focus is to turn their recognition from there hard work that they put in their craft to molding their audience/fan base to exercise there right to vote.

Please support their organization by purchasing the Official Democratic National Convention  T-Shirt today

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